Goal: $1,300,000
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Alex Spiliotes

Thank you so much for considering a donation to my Derby fundraising effort! I've coached Squashbusters student-athletes every Saturday morning for the past three years. It is always the highlight of my week, and I feel so lucky to play a small part in the squash and personal development of a terrific group of kids.

I am also grateful to work with such wonderful staff at Squashbusters. I recognize that funds my Derby team raises will go partly toward bringing in more positive, smart, and empathetic staff members and role models for the students, so I'm raising money with them in mind as well.

Any donation will be in support of a fantastic organization that means a lot to me and much more to the kids that it directly benefits. I really appreciate your consideration, and thank you so much for your generosity!



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1. BSBrendan Sullivan
Spils: 106% of goal. Standard operating procedure. Congrats on a great effort and to the whole SquashBusters crew. -Sully
2. ?Anonymous
I’m guessing 82 court sprints in 5 minutes
3. HJHasan Jafri
4. KrKristen Rubin
5. JJ. Page Lansdale
Well done, Alex. So glad you are giving back to the game! Regards, Page
6. MMMatthew Marchisotto
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